What's new on Mercedes' 2021 F1 car - and what it's keeping secret

2 mar. 2021
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Mercedes has launched the car everyone will be aiming at (or getting beaten by...) in 2021, the W12. The team revealed plenty about the new car at its launch - including a revised livery - but it was also up front about what it's trying to keep secret until the car appears in public when testing begins. In this video Edd Straw takes a closer look at the new bits we saw, and a few that we didn't.

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  • I'm getting really into f1 thanks to you guys

    Niinji MusicNiinji MusicAcum 2 Zile
  • Ao much AMG that you forget their sponsor AMD.

    VincrandVincrandAcum lună
  • I love how there push the things that will count when the aro all getting dumped power train there electrics and there turbo lol mm 2022 mmmm Merc #1 still

    Sam DavidSam DavidAcum lună
  • I wander what will be the next engine in F1. I bet it'll be worse than this one.

    Giorgi. Sharikadze.GamingGiorgi. Sharikadze.GamingAcum lună
  • its bull shit you got to keep a level playing field to all teams it makes it better not just one team Mercedes they need a team that will Dominate them and give them a run for their money and more

    undertaker61918undertaker61918Acum lună
  • Cant wait for 2022 and see some real racing again. Mercedes just ruined the sport basically. Although they have every right too ofcourse and you cant really blame them. Its just very disapointing to see one car so far ahead. The titles dont really have much to do with racing anymore.

    MyNameMyNameAcum lună
  • Outstanding

    Jb LovellJb LovellAcum lună
  • looks better in silver. bring the silver arrows back.

    girandolegirandoleAcum lună
  • BOT will beat HAM in 2021, but will it be enough to win the _WDC?_

    y1521t21b5y1521t21b5Acum lună
  • Ugh, it's rather ugly, luckily this doesn't impact the performance. It should be completely silver though.

    Definitely not EmmaDefinitely not EmmaAcum lună
  • A small correction: The minimum overall car+driver weight increased by 3 kg from last season, not 6 (746 to 749).

    TheJokerit19TheJokerit19Acum lună
  • The sticky congo histomorphometrically scrub because kamikaze thoracically stop above a different geese. seemly, gorgeous detective

    Edwon RodriguesEdwon RodriguesAcum lună
  • Not worth watching f1 anymore. ....imo all controls and buttons should be removed from the steering wheel......All that wheel should be able to do is steer.

    The KosH PlaysThe KosH PlaysAcum lună
  • The Livery WOW! It looks faster already is this another 8th victory 4 Mercedes? 10 months 2 find out!

    Simon BSimon BAcum lună
    • 10 months? They'll have it wrapped up by July, at least.

      J TJ TAcum lună
  • 💫🖤

    Mohamed AbdiMohamed AbdiAcum lună
  • if they made the amount of gains on the pu as they claim, then it does not look good for the other teams.

    RobertIngersollRobertIngersollAcum lună
  • 3:36 WHAT?!

    Leon CoetzeeLeon CoetzeeAcum lună
  • They got two small ecm pods that knock out the electric to the car behind with unlimited ammo if you like.

    Simon RobinsonSimon RobinsonAcum lună
  • There are so many things to look forward to this year (Alonso's return, Vettel at Aston, Perez at RB), it's such a shame Merc will destroy everyone again

    tf89tf89Acum lună
  • Strip away the engine and F1 could have had a glorious era during the hybrid years. Biggest turn off in the sport/own goal inflicted on itself in recent memory.

    G KG KAcum lună
  • 😍

    Kia RaineyKia RaineyAcum lună
  • *ONE last push for Mercedes.* Once an "unbeatable record" is reached (8 in a row), Mercedes leaves F1 as a constructor. Staying on as an PU supplier, imo.

    Freddy ChaleFreddy ChaleAcum lună
  • The most efficient run team I've seen in F1 in all my years watching the sport

    Sam AshSam AshAcum lună
  • I really don't like the livery

    JezzaJezzaAcum lună
  • Mercedes W12 is the best car i think Lewis and Valterri will push each other to an 8th consecutive championship season gooooo Mercedes👌👌🔥🔥😍😍

    Charbel GharyosCharbel GharyosAcum lună

    Arjan SchepersArjan SchepersAcum lună
  • Is it just me - am I the only one who thinks these 2021 F1 cars are butt-ugly? Colin Chapman would be rolling in his grave. Aero bolloxed up all auto racing.

    DennyHulmeDennyHulmeAcum lună
  • driving with that pillar in front of my face would drive me insane!

    theiglootheiglooAcum lună
  • HAHA! "Along with his favourite team-mate". I see what you did there :-)

    MPMPAcum lună
  • This car will win Lewis Hamilton his 8th title

    ACEruseaACEruseaAcum lună
  • HAM VER BOT it is for 2021

    GabGabAcum lună
  • "The striking new livery," Next sentence; "still green, and black that still covers the majority of the car." Trash video you may as well just spend 5 minutes begging people to subscribe and let us mute it and look at the pictures of the stunning new livery made up of shades of Petronas green and Pandering black.

    Mista DobalinaMista DobalinaAcum lună
  • "A rather sexy looking bulge" Leave it to Mercedes to be such a tease.

  • Let's hope the car goes missing

    jp kjp kAcum lună
  • 2020 livery looks better

    Alpha The MoonAlpha The MoonAcum lună
  • Go Hamilton

    Hoten HitonokoeHoten HitonokoeAcum lună
  • Car looks great, hope it performs as well!

    Wildturkey10121Wildturkey10121Acum lună
  • Just give them the 8Th Championship tittle and move on to the next 2022 regulations... LMAO.

    Ruel ApasRuel ApasAcum lună
  • So the car which won on 3 wheels will be even faster

    kemmylovekemmyloveAcum lună
  • "petronas emerald green" uhhhhh that's teal-

    The StratisphereThe StratisphereAcum lună
  • The petronas clash too much IMO.

    Le Bagn ardLe Bagn ardAcum lună
  • Wish there were more silver, like 1/4.

    Jordan MaraisJordan MaraisAcum lună
  • The red and white ruins an otherwise nice livery

    1234 abcd1234 abcdAcum lună
  • Anyone here for the 10th time since yesterday from a rival F1 team?

    SMSMAcum lună
  • The Livery is quite below average, if not for the AMG and some uncessary placement of sponsors, otherwise, they are not the team who relies on design over performance.

    DharK-NataLDharK-NataLAcum lună
  • What a bs. Why should the TOP team be given less testing? Pathetic fools.

    rotrohanrotrohanAcum lună
  • All im hoping is that mercedes don't win this season

    TomGorianTomGorianAcum lună
    • Good luck with that. Hoping does nothing. They've had ample time and the biggest budget to produce an even better car. They'll win both championships with ease again.

      J TJ TAcum lună
  • pain

    William CoxWilliam CoxAcum lună
  • Airbox looks like a sunburnt balding grey haired head

    Steve LudlowSteve LudlowAcum lună
  • The bulge in the sidepod is in a very similar place to the intake plenum. So it's quite likely that and the variable intake system are connected

    Fin EllershawFin EllershawAcum lună
  • Ah yes, repeat after me, Mercedes 1-2. Whatever redbull has done, I doubt it'll do the trick.

    10W-4010W-40Acum lună
  • What's new? Nothing. What's secret? Mercedes still uses a bigger turbo as the other teams are allowed.

    90MinutenLangVoorOnzeClubUitAmsterdam90MinutenLangVoorOnzeClubUitAmsterdamAcum lună
  • I know longevity does not seem like an f1 feature needed but , everybody will understand next season

    Oved ApprOved ApprAcum lună
  • the change merc made will not make the car faster! but should bring insane predictability in part duration! imagine longevity of big rig but scaled to f1 !

    Oved ApprOved ApprAcum lună
  • I ll be dam ! Merc implemented it! Another stupidity spirit tweak! Mm I like the choice merc made ! Good idea !

    Oved ApprOved ApprAcum lună
  • Mercedes una auténtica bestia Hamilton los va abatir a todos

    Jose RodallegaJose RodallegaAcum lună
    • By winning another title?

      J TJ TAcum lună
  • reversing the pick-ups for the rear suspension allows for even longer wheel base, in pursuit of the Mercedes principles of previous models. That gives more performance (instability of rear) which suits Hamilton's handling capabilities!

    Richard SmallwoodRichard SmallwoodAcum lună
  • I am black, all lives must matter equally always ❤️

    Max TMax TAcum lună
    • Are you, or are you just saying that?

      J TJ TAcum lună
  • Is the car black as part of Lewis contract to do with Black Lives Matter as the car was changed part way in last season. Mmmmmm makes one think. Did like the silver livery.

    Andrew LofthouseAndrew LofthouseAcum lună
  • F1 took away out V8s and is apparently all for "saving the planet" yet they allow ineos here that ruins it from the ground. What a joke, where there is money to be made, there is no controversy

    RL9 Bayern_LegendRL9 Bayern_LegendAcum lună
  • I hate F1 I hate everything about it from the dickheads that run the FIA to the tediousness of the racing but I do like to keep up with Mercedes

    CiceroCiceroAcum lună

    HT 7HT 7Acum lună
  • McLaren is the team that is bound to get more competitive because of Mercedes power in the midfield. It would be great to see them fighting it out with Red Bull and Ferrari. Expecting Mika's era of McLaren this season.

    Syed AhmedSyed AhmedAcum lună
  • I think there should be an open year as in a free rain on design and engine power unit but have a emission cap and hp cap Let the teams go wild on there cars and see what’s comes of it. You never know something grate mite happen, along with put some excitement back into F1 again

    Spooners outingsSpooners outingsAcum lună
  • Hate to say it but this looks like another year of domination

    Guido HaverkortGuido HaverkortAcum lună
    • You're absolutely right.

      J TJ TAcum lună
  • Thank you, fantastic video.

    Tops MiahTops MiahAcum lună
  • Bring back the Silver!

    PaulPaulAcum lună
  • What the fuck even is this livery? It seems that not even they knew what they were going for.

    DibslinDibslinAcum lună
  • Here's hoping it's a dud and we can actually go racing this season..........yyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn.

    GrandMasterPlankGrandMasterPlankAcum lună
    • Not gonna happen.

      J TJ TAcum lună
  • I bet it's got flaps underneath the floor to help with aerodynamics since das is illegal It was predicted in the 90s that if AMG did f1 it would annulate all Competition!! I think having the fastest driver is imperative to developing a faster car Why doesn't BMW do F1 !?

    El R*******El R*******Acum lună
  • I’d be very surprised if this doesn’t beat some of the w11’s times regardless of the downforce restrictions for this year

    R MelvR MelvAcum lună
    • @J T ye defo, the time loss is supposed to be a 5-10% decrease in downforce but I think the teams will have made most of that back and the merc engine has been upgraded again

      R MelvR MelvAcum lună
    • Especially at Monza, where the articles keep saying Hamilton's 2020 lap will be fastest. Why not faster again this year, with more power and a similar level, I don't see why not.

      J TJ TAcum lună
  • The back looks Haasy.

    Gábor KrálikGábor KrálikAcum lună
  • Mercedes will be untouchable.

    Agent 9922Agent 9922Acum lună
    • Agree.

      J TJ TAcum lună
  • F1 really needs a Ferrari resurgence cos the only Mercedes/Hamilton wins is getting tiresome

    chimarleywaichimarleywaiAcum lună
  • I bet its because theres something dodgy. Like fucking DAS which they should never have been allowed to run. If someone like Renault/Alpine had brought DAS instead it would have been banned on the spot.

    Tom McGloneTom McGloneAcum lună
  • The only exciting thing about 2021 is, where Ferrari will end up?

    TravollicTravollicAcum lună
    • Battling McLaren for 4th.

      J TJ TAcum lună
  • In a nutshell rinse and repeat - another season with the end result know before it even starts... and it will be even worse for 2022 simply because Merc had vastly more "free" resources to deploy to tackle new rules due to massive advantage they already enjoy. I dont even want go into completely immoral, in the current climate, LH's contract "negotiations" - there is no end to greed with some ppl. He should have taken 50% pay cut!

    Peter LabiakPeter LabiakAcum lună
  • amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg amg

    Shawn LimShawn LimAcum lună
  • Brake duct arrangement is where you can see where a team expects to be. Mercedes go for the cool air close to the surface. Red bull try to avoid debris from the car in front.

    Andreas TsimasAndreas TsimasAcum lună
  • I love it, but I also hate it. I want it traditional white or traditional naked. No to black paint job, hello naked carbon fiber or if you must have paint, just one coat so you can still see the fiber weave. Black is cool & that car looks mean, in a subtle way. Could possibly find a better place to put enos, maybe a swap with Epson on the R/W endplates😍

    Chris SearleChris SearleAcum lună
  • Loving the livery, Batmobile-esque, surely that means the car must go faster!

    ArunArunAcum lună
  • Looks absolutely amazing

    Rajan MoodleyRajan MoodleyAcum lună
  • Even if they didn't change last year's car they would still be at the front cuz they have a huge advantage in terms of the car and engine. Another predictable season for sure.

    K4lr0bK4lr0bAcum lună
  • the sexy bulge is the best part of the car

    JayBee SantosJayBee SantosAcum lună
  • The white on turqouise is invisible, and the livery is pretty shit

    Herbert DanielHerbert DanielAcum lună
  • DAS is already there

    iamnone 200iamnone 200Acum lună
  • Every year the ROworldrs act like the other cars stand a chance. The only thing that's gonna beat a Mercedes F1 car is the second Merc in the race

    BalajiBalajiAcum lună
    • @Diana Maioru 3rd to 6th in general terms. A great improvement on the shambles of last year, is my prediction.

      J TJ TAcum lună
    • Then, I think the “Green Mercedes” at Aston Martin and customer team McLaren have a genuine advantage to the rest of the grid (excluding Mercedes themselves) because they’re powered by Merc PU. Should be interesting to see what that does to the upper midfield. Vettel could be trying to make it to a few podiums this year. Another big question mark is what Ferrari will be like this year?

      Diana MaioruDiana MaioruAcum lună
  • James Allison is Best👍👍

    Prakhar ShuklaPrakhar ShuklaAcum lună
  • They aren't hiding what they've developed but what they haven't figured out yet 😂😂😂😂 HONDA WILL OWN THEIR ASS BIG TIME THIS YEAR.wait and watch

    Red SpecialRed SpecialAcum lună
    • No they won't. Honda might bring a power parity, but watch their engines go up in smoke too many times. Merc will also have race longevity, while others will have to conserve more fuel to get to the finish.

      J TJ TAcum lună
  • The wing mirror comparison at 2:55 dos NOT match the mirrors on the car presented, see 3:39 and you can clearly see thy are the right angle of last years car........ So do we believe the car presented or the digital representations circulated??

    Richard AbbottRichard AbbottAcum lună
  • Ugly livery

    Chr MChr MAcum lună
  • I know we all want closer racing/championships but boy, you just cant be not impressed by mercedes finding performance every single year while already beeing the best... I doubt this season will be any different

    ErikaErikaAcum lună
  • You didnt mention their sick new underglow

    twinkmaster2twinkmaster2Acum lună
  • Probably the only thing to stop us hearing ‘get in there Lewis’ every weekend, is some sort of unreliability with the new PU. That never happens though. Hamilton hasn’t had a DNF in so long.

    Richard SRichard SAcum lună
    • @J T I think so. He's a lucky boy.

      Richard SRichard SAcum lună
    • @Richard S You're right, it was. Was that the last one?

      J TJ TAcum lună
    • @J T 2018 I think it was?

      Richard SRichard SAcum lună
    • Austria 2019?

      J TJ TAcum lună
  • AMG! AMG! A. M. G. !!!!

    Pabs TheGeekPabs TheGeekAcum lună
  • the livery is trash

    Daniel GieveDaniel GieveAcum lună
  • Bottas needs to go away and eat porridge

    menon koonjulmenon koonjulAcum lună
    • There isn't enough in the world to give Bottas the final enhancement he requires to beat Hamilton. If Bottas could somehow find another tenth of a second a lap, he would have it in him, but alas, he's reached his ceiling.

      J TJ TAcum lună
  • No one: Mercedes livery: *AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG*

    Alpha cure momAlpha cure momAcum lună
  • I like it how the AMG and AMD logos sit side by side

    SeaPenSeaPenAcum lună
  • Im not sure if this is an AMG sponsored car. Can someone please clarify????

    Graeme SGraeme SAcum lună